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Women’s Care Group is a dedicated team of physicians that specialize in offering quality care in Obstetrics and Gynecology to women in Knoxville and Maryville Tennessee.



From infertility to breastfeeding, our obstetricians are trained and prepared to give care and direction through each stage.

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As a woman, the majority of your adult life is likely spent caring for other people. Let us care for you. Through whatever changes or difficulties you may face, Women’s Care Group is focused on providing professional physician care and counseling.

who we are

The physicians at Women’s Care Group have chosen the fields of obstetrics and gynecology because of their appreciation, passion and respect for women. Those feelings and beliefs are demonstrated by our dedication to first LISTENING to you, your needs, worries and concerns and communicating clearly with you about each one.

your stories

Kellie Boyce Women's Care Group View Large
Keeli Boyce and Her Four Girls I was told about Women’s Care Group through a friend. I was immediately drawn
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Kalley Dietz We had just moved to Maryville, TN a year before when we found out we were pregnant with
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Sharron Shepard and Baby I could not be more happy with my choice of OB.  I've never had a question
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