Lung Function & Menopause

New information has been released that shows lung function begins to decline substantially with the onset of menopause. Linked to hormonal changes that are related to systemic inflammation that affects the lungs, the decline in lung function may cause an increase in shortness of breath, reduced work capacity and fatigue.

This aging effect on lung function among women is similar to a habitual twenty-cigarettes-a-day smoker. It is obviously further exacerbated if the woman is a smoker.

Pre-menopausal, younger women smokers may not experience these symptoms, but instances of lung disease will be realized later on in life when the lung function has declined with age. The key is to avoid smoking and to protect your lungs before the effects of aging have manifested.

Improve lung health and function by opting for a healthier lifestyle. Don’t smoke, avoid secondhand smoke and exercise regularly.

Questions about your lung health? Need help to quit smoking? Schedule a consult today. Call 865-546-1642.

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